Hi  , are your prepared for the future of customer service in the contact center?

Join Rob Seifker, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty at  Zappos, and Karen O’Brien, VP Global Social Media, at Western Union and learn how their companies are preparing for their changing service landscape. 

Davy Kestens

CEO at Sparkcentral

Karen O'Brien

VP Global Social Media at
Western Union

Rob Seifker

Senior Director of Customer Loyalty at  Zappos

By 2020, Gen Y will make up 50% of the workforce and Gen Z will be 10%. Contact centers that successfully integrate digital channels used by the newest generations will have a competitive advantage. Supporting customers using digital messaging results in increased agent engagement and customer loyalty. Is your contact center prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers and employees?

Sparkcentral’s CEO, Davy Kestens, will host a panel discussion as Rob and Karen explain their approach for identifying the channels, people, process, and technologies necessary for enabling a consistent customer experience that optimizes performance and cost.





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