WhatsApp Business: Customer Engagement Game Changer

Thursday, September 27th, 4pm CET | 10 EST

WhatsApp is used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries.

In a mobile-first world where 90% of consumers want to interact with brands through messaging, businesses need to be where their customers are more than ever. WhatsApp’s new business platform allows brands to engage with one of the world’s largest chat app’s global users in a way that’s personal, private and secure.

But how do you integrate WhatsApp into your customer care strategy amid the countless other communication channels you’re already juggling? Tune in to find out. Hint: you've likely done most of the work already!

Join us live for this free webinar to learn: 

  • Why omni-channel business messaging is the next frontier of CX 
  • What makes WhatsApp so different from other customer care channels, and how to best leverage it
  • Why leading brands like KBC Bank & Insurance are investing in WhatsApp customer care, and the results they are already seeing!

Thurs, Sept 27th, 4pm CET

“90% of consumers want to interact with brands through messaging”


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Warren Levitan

Warren Levitan is co-founder and CEO of Smooch, the omni-channel conversation platform. He previously served as CEO of Radialpoint, which was acquired by AppDirect. Founded in 2015, Smooch connects any business software to all the world’s messaging channels for a more human customer experience.


Tobias Goebel

Tobias Goebel is a conversational technologist and evangelist with over 15 years of experience in the customer service and contact center technology space. Today he serves as VP of Product Marketing at Sparkcentral, defining the future of conversational relationships between businesses and consumers.

Karin van Hoecke

Karin van Hoecke

Karin Van Hoecke is General Manager Mass Retail - Mobile First at KBC Bank & Insurance. The mobile first motto stands for services and products that are made easy, fast, create value and go even beyond banking, e.g. 4411 and public transport use via KBC mobile. We integrate all distribution channels, although with special love for mobile and KBC live: our service and experts at distance.

Karin has 20 years of experience in various domains within the integrated bank-insurance group KBC. She developed a passion for innovation and user experience. These passions help in realizing her goal: transform KBC towards a more client-centric and digital organization. After being the engine for the program to transform KBC, she focuses now on bringing the new services towards customers (marketing and sales) while building further on new ideas to create better solutions and access for customers.

Claudia Paelinck

Claudia Paelinck

Claudia Paelnick has been working with KBC Live as an Expert in Digital Banking and Insurance since 2017. KBC customers contact KBC Live via call or (video-)chat in order to get advice on or to purchase bank and insurance products. KBC web care is also situated in KBC Live, so Claudia corresponds with KBC clients via WhatsApp as well as social media channels on a weekly basis. Claudia is staying on top of the digital challenges KBC faces today and ensures a smooth integration into KBC's processes.