How the Next Phase of Digitization Will Change Customer Expectations

- Steven Van Belleghem, renowned speaker to Fortune 500 companies across the globe,  gives a preview into customer experiences over the next decade.

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“Excellent webinar! Sipping brilliance through a fire hose!”

Artificial intelligence will raise the bar in terms of customer experience (CX) in unprecedented ways and Steven will cover how to invest in the CX we can expect to see in the next ten years.

Watch this webinar to learn how your business should be doing the following in order to prepare for the customer of 2027:

  • Leveraging data to feed AI
  • Developing future-centric user interfaces
  • Harnessing the benefits of augmented intelligence

“It’s not about the evolution in technology it’s about technology changing the expectations of customers, fast.”  - Steven Van Belleghem


Busy executives are focused on adapting to changing customer expectations in the immediate future, but what evolutions can you expect to see in your customers over the next decade? Digitization is not slowing down and a failure to realize it’s impact on your business could mean the difference between thriving and surviving.

Steven Van Belleghem
Author, speaker

Steven regularly speaks to leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Mercedez-Benz who rely on him to influence their customer experience and customer service investment priorities. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world.