Extreme Customer Centricity: Are you ready to serve customer 5.0?

rik vera

Join Rik Vera, renowned thought leader and trusted advisor, as he dives into how the interactions between customers and companies are continuing to develop as we enter into a customer centric world. The era of one to many, brand focused communication with customers is over.

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In this webinar, Rik will cover:

  • The progression of interaction from Customer 1.0 to Customer 5.0 What is hype?

  • What is reality? (in this new phase of digitization)

  • The nuts and bolts of an ideal customer relationship

  • Why convenience is the new loyalty and data is the new gold

  • How to connect to many and engage the individual

Customers want to see vendors as a human being. And what vendors need to do is treat every customer individually. We are now in a 'customer-steered’ world and companies will need to become customer centric and on-demand in order to survive. Customers are looking for greater business transparency, sincerity, speed and shortcuts.
Rik Vera 
Author, speaker

Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer-centricity, disruption, business model change, sales, marketing and making companies ready for the Day After Tomorrow.