Marc Medrano

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Customer Service on Social Media

Vice President of

Enterprise Sales

Digital Servicing & Customer Experience Sr. Associate 

Jess Lee


  • How the needs and goals of marketing and customer service teams differ on social

In This Webinar You'll Learn

  • The importance of social customer service

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  • The importance of a choosing the right technology for your social initiatives

This webinar will assess the the dichotomy between customer service and marketing within the social media space. Jess Lee, Sr. Associate of Customer Experience at Discover will share how Discover’s social care team has successfully shifted from an all-in-one solution to a dedicated social customer service solution, while bridging the gap between marketing and customer service needs.

  • How marketing and customer service teams can work together on social

"After adopting a dedicated social customer service solution, the quality of communication between our marketing and customer support teams drastically improved. Not only were we more organized, but we also had clearer objectives, which enabled our teams to better align with each other and made our exchanges much more seamless." - Jess Lee, Discover

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