Manager, Customer Commitment

Jerry Fletcher

Taking Customer Loyalty to New Heights

How JetBlue Built a Low Effort Service Organization

VP, Customer Success

Laurie Meacham

CEB Contact Center research shows that customers are 4x more likely to become disloyal after dealing with a burdensome service interaction. Social customer service channels, in particular, often involve the highest levels of customer effort and lack full resolution in channel. Unfortunately, by not making it easy for customers on social, you may be driving them away.  

Join Laurie Meacham of JetBlue and Jerry Fletcher, formerly at Delta Air Lines, to discover what you may be inadvertently doing to drive customer disloyalty, and how you can instead deliver low effort service interactions that can result in more than 90% customer retention.

Examples of high effort service interactions on social and messaging channels and their consequences

The three pillars of an effortless social customer service framework and key requirements to set it up

How JetBlue built their social customer service organization in this framework and their results

Best practice and tips on how to make small adjustments to deliver big results  

You’ll leave the webinar knowing:

Whether you’re a customer support agent, manager, or department head, you’ll leave this session with actionable steps you can use to transform your customer service and engagement program.

Going from a relatively high effort service experience to a low effort one reduces costs by 37%.